Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A wallhanging....

I have all these Aboriginal and African fabrics. I traded FQ's, FH's and some yardage. I did this one when I first received these fabrics. I have some left, I want to do something with them. It's not enough for a quilt, another wallhanging, but where to hang it. My walls are getting full, it's quilt haven here.

I had fun with this wallhanging. The contrast fabrics are American, purchased here. I love the Aboriginal fabrics, they're different and quite a conversation piece. It's my favorite, some of the fabric reminds me of fried eggs. some the Kapali.

Some look like ants, theres snakes and turtles. It's fun to look at and catches my eye as I walk through my living room. My wallhanging looks planned, it wasn't. I liked the pattern, I made the blocks and threw them on the floor hoping they would come together in some form. They did, I like the effect.

As the year comes to an end, I'm plotting out some goals for me. A fabric diet is at the top of the list. NO more fabric again this next year, use what I have, use the odds and ends of projects done in the past. . Take all these bits and pieces as I progressed along the quilting trail. It's time to step out of my particular comfort zone and try something different, something that crosses the line from yours to making it completely mine. I've never enjoyed a planned from picking out the pattern to choosing the fabric to match the pattern purchased. I need to be myself and color it my way.


Bonnie said...

I love the old machine in front of the quilt...it is a great eyecatcher too..the black laquer looks great against the quilt backdrop!


Holly said...

Oh I live the colors you used in this quilt. Very pretty! And welcome to the Mavericks!