Saturday, July 21, 2007

Here it is another month has flown by and I've been so busy what with John coming home for his vacation, family reunion, my two sons, a grandson and GGdtr up from California for a week not to mention Dr. visits for both John and I. I swear I have been positively chasing my own tail. vbg

The kids spent a week which was filled full of things to do. They pitched a tent, staying 2 days at my sisters out at the beach. The family reunion with 105 people counted, lots of yummy food. Everything from oysters to hotdogs, many different salads, cookies and cheesecakes. The kids all had a great time playing in the flats while the tide was out and kayaking (sp) when the tide came in. A huge beach fire after most had left and kids were all tucked into bed complete with a visit from the local cop at 4am due to a complaint about the loud music (500watt jukebox) which we had just shut down minutes prior to his arrival. A hike up in the forest preserve close to the house left me with aches/pains the next day and hardly able to walk. We started out looking for the beaver pond hiking up and down the side of the mountain only to realize the beaver pond was a short 1500 feet from the trailhead. A baby shower for my sister's DIL who also won the quilt and went home to Idaho with two full suitcases of goodies. The weather cooperated being hot and sunny the whole week the kids were here. It was great having them but I sure was glad to wave goodbye at the airport and come home to collapse in my chair.

Seems I started this days ago and got interupted in the middle of my train of thought. We've been seeing the Dr's left and right lately. If it's not one thing it's another. I'm so tired of sitting around waiting rooms just to be told I need yet another Ultrasound. I doubt if it's really anything serious, just my Dr being cautious. A small mass on my parotid gland and enlarged lymph node in my neck. Might would be a good time to quit smoking, don'tcha think? Will be glad when this round of doctor visits is over. Just makes us all sit up and take notice, it's not a good thing even when feeling well or not quite up to par to skip those yearly physicals. I really hate getting old and finding my body is slowly falling apart. vbg Just when I thought we might get a mini-vacation this summer up pops a Jury duty notice for mid August when all the Dr appts would be over and done with until Sept.

I've still not been in the sewing room for what seems forever. I'm dying or is that itchin to get stitchin on something. Anything would do. I need a fix and baby Brooke will be arriving on the scene before I know it.

I've really missed reading up on all the blogs. Will have to pencil in an hour a day for blogs on my calendar and catch up on everyones summer doings.