Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Raffle Quilt and Rain

Today I decided I needed to bring out the fabrics for our Raffle Quilt and start prepping for our meeting on the 7th. I've learned how to do fast flying geese and have cut all the little pieces, marking them for our beginning quilters. As soon as the stoppers are cut, I'm finished until it's time for building the blocks, trimming and assembling them.

The center medallion has gone to my sister to build. The applique border off to my three cousins who will share the applique process.

We only have 10 blocks to assemble for the outside border. We chose the "Flying Dutchman" block. How appropriate for our family heritage which is mostly Dutch with a bit of Belgian thrown in.

Our family is closely innertwined as sisters married brothers. When we get together a stranger couldn't pick out sisters and brothers from cousins. It's fun at times trying to explain who my sisters are as we all resemble each other. There are 14 of us sisters/cousins/brothers, 9 gals and 5 guys. It gets harder and harder for me each year to pick out who's children belong to whom as the next generation gets married and starts families of their own.

It's been raining here in the PNW for what seems like weeks. The creek out back is close to flowing over it's banks. My neighbor next door has to have a sump pump in her crawl space. I'm glad my house is up high enough the creek doesn't hit our property line when it's over the banks. Last year it washed out the bridge she built across to her other neighbor and carried her picnic table off. She never saw it again. I'll be glad to see the sun come out and dry us off.

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