Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Appreciation for....

the job our maintenance department and Security people got me baking cookies today. How many times do we forget the service people who bring our mail, plow our streets during the winters, pick up our garbage/recycling even on holidays, Security who keeps our small communities safe?

I thought about them this morning and realized in all the years I had lived in this private community I had never said a "Thank-you" to the good folks who are invisible in our daily lives.

I think of the many times my friend's husband gets up at 3 o'clock in the mornng on an icy or snowy day to make sure the roads are sanded so I can get up the hill by my house, or out in the worst of a snow storm and we do get snow here in Washington where I live, to make sure the roads are plowed so I can get out to my appointments or shopping.

My garbage man who comes early in the morning sometimes before I have the sleep rubbed out of my eyes. If Christmas or another holiday falls on the day my garbage/recycling is to be picked up he's here doing his job and hoping he can finish early enough to spend what remains with his family.

The security people who patrol our dark roadways keeping the speeders in tow, who check our homes when we are on vacation. They are the first responders in my community when a problem arises.

We don't often think of these fine people who do their job not expecting anything in return and we often forget to tell them "thank you for all you do during the year".

My cookies might not be much, but when they are dipping them in their coffee at break time they will know I cared enough to think of them during this holiday season.

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Joanne said...

Love the applique in the challenge quilt! Nice job!