Monday, June 29, 2009

Like 4 giddy teenagers, cars loaded down, my sisters and I gathered at the beach for a jammie party with plans of stitching away at our projects, good food, lots of giggles, a kayak paddle and watching the sun set over the water dancing in our heads. Cars unloaded, air mattress's set up we were ready for the fun to begin, no kids, DH's, gkids, friends or neighbors allowed.

Out came my fabric, pencils, fusible sheets and away we went getting these blocks ready to blanket stitch down. With a flurry of scissors, and iron they were finished in a flash, ready for some blanket stitching, a new baby quilt in the making.
I brought a CD of the slides my Mom had taken over the years that I've been scanning and we giggled and laughed over them as my three sisters remembered this or that picture, where it was taken and when. A treasure for sure.
We viewed the DVD my nephew put together of the past and present to play during our family reunion. We auditioned music to put to the slide show and couldn't decide on a thing.
We stuffed ourselves on clam chowder, salad, chips, hot crab dip and rhubarb bars that were positively decadent, keeping an eye on the flag flying in the wind, hoping it would set down as the tide came in.
At dusk, we bundled up, piled in the old station wagon and down to the water we went. With a cloud cover and rain showers promised the sun didn't co-operate and slowly sunk beneath the horizon without a bit of color. The wind finally set down as dark arrived. With 2 new kayakers, one a none swimmer we weren't able to have our paddle even tho' the water we were going on wasn't very deep and could easily have stood up should any of us tip over.
As 3 am rolled around the wind out of our sails, eyelids heavy, we all went to our respective beds, leaving my sisters house trashed. The next morning we all staggered out at different times and were lounging around in our jammies, chatting over our morning coffee deciding on making bkfst when the phone rang. Holy smoke it was sister's DH, he was almost home from his weekend excursion and needed to be picked up in an hour. With a flurry of activity, the house got cleaned up, clothes were thrown on, cars packed and off we went on our merry way, a good time had by all, promising to "do this again".