Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year

to you all. A new beginning tomorrow.

Today I finished up the top I have been working on, froggy stitches and all. I'm much happier with how the top has turned out with the change of the black corner squares.

I think this one will be hand quilted as soon as I finish the one I'm working on now.

In appreciation for the care the Emergency Vet Hospital gave my Lady cat, I gathered up all my left over fleece and flannel from other projects and have been putting together kitty quilts to take to the hospital. I've finished three tops and have many more leftovers I can use. I'm still chasing Lady to the litter box with my spoon to check her blood sugar. She's become very sneaky with her bathroom habits and will trot down the hall going into my bedroom if she sees me coming. The minute I turn my back and return to whatever I was doing she sneaks to her litter box and I'm foiled again.

DH called tonight to wish me a Happy New Year. He will rotate off the boat in less than 3 weeks for a 2 month vacation. I'm looking forward to having this time together.


Maureen said...

The purple corner blocks make all the difference Dona.
Do you hand or machine quilt?
Best wishes for the New Year and enjoy your time when DH returns.........been there,done that says she with a wry grin.
Maureen in Qld

Dona said...

Maureen, thank you. I hand quilt on special projects. Machine quilt on utility quilts as I am still learning and they tend to be practice exercises.

Sarah said...

Dona -

Welcome to the "Mavericks"! We lived out in Seattle for about 2.5 years and that is where our DD was born. We are now in Alabama - slightly different weather! We thought it was so beautiful out there but way too far away from our families! Again - welcome and thanks for sharing all the great pictures.


Katrina Wolff said...

What a stunning quilt! Love those colours together. And you were right, the corners are much better without the black. Good on you for unpicking and re-doing it.
Also, welcome to the group!