Sunday, August 29, 2010

Where has Summer gone? It seems June just arrived, John just came home, the family picnic was held and now fall is fast approaching. Our weather here is still bright and sunny however the temps are dropping fast. Yesterday I had to go to the Navy Base for supplies so checked my thermometer as I went out the door. It was a whopping 44 degrees. Brrrrrr

The fawns are here and such a joy to watch them frolicking around in my yard. We have several sets of twins this year and a few singles. They are so used to my feeding them apples they stand at attention waiting for the apples to arrive. When I stand at the sink they will stand right below the window and wait for me to come back out.

My 3 sons were together for the first time in several years at our annual picnic. Was really good to have them all together for a photo snap. I don't get to see them often as 2 live in CA and aren't able to come to WA to visit very often and I just can't make that drive anymore. Used to be so easy to just hop in the car for a road trip but not anymore. Age does tend to slow us down and make for trips that don't happen very often. I miss my sons and their families.

I've been working on "Quilts for Kids" a worthy charity if ever. I've enjoyed the kits I've received and hope to keep on doing them. They are so easy as they are all cut and ready to go even the backing. All I have to do is assemble, add a batt, quilt and send back. I've been trying to do at least one a month but sometimes I get behind and need a little nudge to get the current one done and off in the mail.

I've just finished a set of exchange blocks. They are the second set I've done for the same round. The original set was posted off to the next person in line who seems to have just dropped off the face of the earth. I feel bad that the person I was doing the blocks for has lost her blocks as well as the ones I did for her. I don't mind that my blocks are in limbo as there were more sitting around that I could use. I don't understand a person that signs up for an exchange then keeps the blocks and drops out of sight. Don't they realize what they do?

I've pulled a UFO out to finish into either a lap quilt or a bed quilt if I can figure out what to add to make it big enough. The blocks returned home to me all stitched into a top and included a sashing/border. I had donated them to a good cause and the person who took the donation felt they should be returned to me. I appreciated the gesture and will do my Moms blocks into a remembrance of when she could still quilt. My mom passed away a couple years ago and was a very proliferate quilter.

Saturday begins a new season of EQ classes. I'm looking forward to them as I really need to learn all the ins and outs of the program so I can use it. My sister and I take the classes together and she really has benefited from them. I 'm basically lazy and haven't practiced anything I've learned. LOL

This week my sisters and I are getting together to decide on a pattern for our next years family raffle quilt. Looking forward to getting together with them. It's always a fun day with lots of laughter, food and fun. We always go to the local fair and check out the quilt displays for ideas. We've got some really good ideas but this year was a dud. Lots of depression era fabric quilts, nothing that had "curb appeal" and the colors so drab and dreary. We've found that traditional patterns with rich fall colors goes really well and there wasn't a thing at the fair this year that had rich colors.


John being home for an extra month
A new roof on the house
Sisters that enjoy each others company
The deer who come to the yard daily