Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring is on the way, the daffodils are blooming and the sun is shining between spells of dreary rain. I'm so looking forward to spring and getting out in the yard to clean up the mess from the winter. So many pieces of pine limbs down not to mention the driveway is covered in pine needles. That's the bad thing about living in the trees, you get pine needles all winter long and when spring arrives the trees start dropping that yellow pollen that gets into everything and gives your cars a coat of yellow.

I've not been blogging for months. I didn't have anything to say. Nothing was going on here at my house, the sewing machine was quiet and projects put on hold. Just not feeling up to anything that took any thought or energy.

My sisters, SIL and I have started having a monthly or whenever get together to sew, chat and gorge ourselves on our favorite pizza. We've all been doing baby blankets and our Xmas wall hanging project from last year is almost done or at least theirs is and mine is almost there. I've just some embelishments to add that couldn't be done before the quilting or binding was finished. I'm going to suggest as a project to do a row or round robbin as I would like to have a quilt my sisters/SIL have contributed to.

Tomorrow we have a funeral to attend. A distant cousin who none of us has meet has passed away and we feel we must attend. We know her father quite well and he always attended all the doings for our Mom. It gives me thought that none of us are getting any younger and we are starting to loose those close to us. Getting old does have it's disadvantages.

I have a quilt in the works. My son who sometimes works for a roofer is coming up in June to roof my house. His sometimes boss has so graciously offered to drive him up here with all his tools and help put the new roof on with no charge to me. What a nice man. He has friends up in this area and a good excuse to come north. So as a Thank-you I am putting together a scrappy TATW for him to take home. I'm almost done with the blocks, just need to square them up and stitch into a top, fix a backing then ready to load onto the LA (really short arm) and get it quilted.

I don't care if you think I shouldn't be on the table, I'm the boss here.