Monday, December 12, 2005

I finally finished my tree skirt

the other day. It's the same one Joanne (Porchrocker) made with a group we are on. I think it turned out well and hope my grandson and his fiance like it. It was to be a Christmas gift, but time slipped away and it became the only Christmas sewing I did this year. 8 yards of lace and I was short 3". Tomorrow I go for my annual physical so will stop by Joann's to see if I can match this lace. I think I might have purchased all they had in the sale bin. Darn it anyway, might have to make a fabric bow to hide the discrepancy. My granddaughter loves it, I will make her one as well.

I'm ahead of the game for next year.

This is lady, one of my Kat quilt police. The minute I lay a project on the floor for a photo session she appears like magic to check it out and have a test nap before she gives her approval.

Lady is my lap Kat. If I sit down with some hand quilting she is right there, ready to jump up and check out what I am doing. She's my diabetic who needs her insulin twice a day and finding her come shot time is a challenge. Her favorite hiding place is on the shelf under the coffee table snuggled up in the quilts.

Roscoe is our Manx, he should have been named "Big Foot". While he likes to check out the quilt progress, he has a thread fettish, jumping up on my chair and snagging the thread off the spool on the sewing machine. In the blink of an eye he can unwind miles and string it from room to room while eating as fast as he can. He spends a lot of time in his very own "basket" out in the garage keeping his people company or sunning himself in front of the window on my cutting table.

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