Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm so bad, I haven't updated my blog in ever so long. With John home it's hard to have puter time much less doing any sewing of any kind.

I did finish the Jewel Box for a friend. I'm finding as my years increase and my eyesight decreases as much as I love using black in a quilt it's going to be a thing of the past. My old eyes just aren't what they used to be. I love the bright colors of the batiks and think this one is so Maverik, no rhyme or reason but scattered just like the friend it's going to.

Some time ago I participated in Judy Laquirara's "Quilt for an Hour Leaf Seasons". I was looking for a pattern for a music themed quit and liked the leaf seasons but couldn't see the quilt with the leaves. Looking through the patterns she's posted I found "Through the Grapevine" downloadable here

and knew this would be the one. It's a great pattern. I have one border to add and then I can put it on the frame.

Our raffle quilt for our family reunion is finally put together. I'm hand quilting it this year as it begs for it. My goal is a block a day and so far I've kept up. Today I took a the day off and sat back to read a book. I've never been one to use a thimble instead using fingernail. After a bit it gets sore and I have to take a day off.

My sisters and I have started a BOM, The 12 Days of Christmas with hopes of having it done to hang during the holidays. Now that the Raffle Quilt is together we needed a new project. We have enjoyed our once a month get together to chat and stay in touch. We all came prepared loaded down with stuff from our stashes to share and chose the easiest block to start, the 11th day of horns. I'm sure that each and everyone of us will have a different blocks when finished. This one was done by our Mother and one of our sisters was the lucky one to recieve it as a gift one year.

Fire has hit close to home. One of my grandsons set a pizza box on the stove and it caught fire. Thinking it was out he put it on the back porch in the trash. It errupted into flames and their rental house was destroyed. They lost everything. Help for them has appeared like magic with furniture and a fund set up to help get them back on their feet.

I leave you with my cats who think this stove is the cat's meow. Even when it doesn't have a fire going they take up residence in front of it.


My son and his family are okey after the fire.

My sisters who are my quilting buddies.

The sunshine today so I could restack wood.