Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

It's not a Long Arm but it's mine and I love having it. I've been wanting a quilting set up for a long time and after looking around decided one of those table top outfits just wasn't what I wanted. My sister has one and even she dislikes it. Then one day surfing around Craig's List I stumbled onto this advertized. Just three years old, the price was right and just what I wanted. It's the closest to a LA as I could get, extends out 120" altho' with my limited space I've got it down to 5 feet. It's going to take a lot of practice to do all those fancy motifs but I'm learning. My first practice is on the frame and when it's done I'm sure my fur balls will love having another quilt to stretch out on. They won't mind a bit what it looks like.

3 down and 4 to go.

My sisters and I have been busy. We decided we didn't want to see someone walking down the street wearing our mom's duds and are making each of our siblings as well as ourselves a memory quilt from her clothes. It's been a good thing, we've cut and laughed, remembered dressing mom is this or that suit, remembered the ones she really liked and the ones that didn't get worn very often. We've had a fun time while putting these together reminiscing about our Mom laughter where there could have been tears. We thought they would be ugly but they've turned out kinda pretty. We're going to wrap them as a last gift from our Mom this Xmas. How fitting that the suits she made and kept her warm will now wrap her children.
I love my wood stove and so does Lady.