Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Busy Time

Wow, its been busy around here lately. Haven"t had much time for ME which I thought I would once John went back to work. vbg

Timers: would love to keep you gals company over on the FLQtr list as I sure could use some timers around here especially in my sewing room which is a disaster again. Too much stuff too little room. However I have to run errands tomorrow. Spent three days trying to make an appt with my "new" DR. My old one retired and sent a letter telling me I had been assigned to xxxx DR and could call xxxx number to make an appt. Well I've tried and have been put on hold and passed off to the new patient scheduler and again put on hold for hours. I'm not a new patient been going to this same clinic for years on end, I just want an appt and with a DR I choose not one chosen for me. So end result rather than sitting on hold am making the trip into town tomorrow and going to the clinic and DR of my choice office to make an appt. It's getting harder and harder to get a DR especially if you are a medicare Pt. I tried to get in with one of my sisters Dr's and was refused even having Cigna as a primary. They don't take medicare even as a secondary.....shame on them. Makes me wonder what those who only have medicare do for medical care. I guess it's the price you pay for getting old.

My sisters and I are doing a round robin and I have finally decided on a center block to do which ...grin, grin....means a trip to the LQS to pet some fabrics. I'm planning on doing this in rich fall colors, the new Kansas Troubles line. Got to get busy on this as it's due the end of the month.

Have spent the last 2 days cutting fabric for our next years raffle quilt. We are using the Kansas Troubles rich color fabric and I think this one is going to be a beautiful quilt as we are doing "Judy Martins Shakespeare in the Park" . Am looking forward to getting started sewing on it. Our sister/cousin group will meet on the 16th to start the stitching process and part of our little invite note is "bring your seam ripper" as all blocks must measure either 12 or 6". That ought to put my one cousin's knickers in a knot. LOL

On the sewing horizon for me is to finish:

Quilting my Mom's quilt I have on the frame
Load a Quilt for Kids and get it quilted and mailed off
Do 2 set of blocks for an internet RR
Stitch up my center block for the sister RR

And during all this am supposed to be catching up on all the house-mouse stuff I ignored while John was on vacation.....Can somebody please clone me.

Went to my second EQ7 class last Saturday. I kept thinking while sitting in class and having already discovered on my own what is being taught that "I am paying to learn something I already know". Isn't this a waste of good fabric bucks" I did learn one thing I hadn't discovered on my own yet so guess it was worth the $$'s and it was kinda one on one time with a sister. Hard to get those when you have an abundance of sisters.

Took another sister to the Navy Base today. It's nice that I can take a visitor and help her save some dollars. Can't understand why coffee beans are 6+ dollars there and over 10 in the local grocery store or why beer is $12 a case there and over $20 in local stores or why hard liquor is the same price as the local liquor store.. Doesn't make sense to me at all. I guess with all things if you shop around you can find savings all over the place.

I just finished a book on tape. "Made In America" that I thought very interesting. It dealt with the Depression, FDR , WPA and WWII. If you are a history buff or interested in that era, this is a good listen too or read, whichever you do. Learned some very interesting things dealing with all the things the WPA built during the short span it was in effect before WWII. I highly recommend this as it beats most of the fluff I've listened to or read in years. Our local museum is having a Smithsonian Traveling Exhibition currently and the exhibit is the paintings (part of which are all those WWII posters) that were commissioned by the WPA. I'm hoping to get over there to see it. Our Museum recently has been affiliated with the Smithsonian so I hope to see more of the traveling exhibits come to town. On a side Dad worked at Northern Pump Munitions Plant (MN) during the war building the big guns for the battle ships. Every year for Xmas they were given Lithographs by Gorden Grant and I have several framed and hung on my family room walls. My Mom managed to hang onto all his from 1941-1945. Mine are all ships which is nice especially since John retired from the Navy.

Good Things
Life really is a bowel of Cherries.
Quilting with my sisters.
Deer who stand under my kitchen window waiting for apples
Sunshine after cold mornings
A fire in the fireplace
Friends near and far

Friday, October 01, 2010

Yesterday I waved John off around noon to go back to work...3 month vacations are way way to long, not that I won't miss him next week. vbg

Spent the afternoon starting a round robin of cleaning. Did 4 loads of laundry and put it all away. Cleaned his bathrm, scrubbed the litter boxes, policed up the kitchen including moping the floor. Emptied the dw and refilled it. Swept up all the floors, and changed the sheets. Today was the first day in a very long time that the bed got made as soon as my feet hit the floor. LOL

Today I hauled a load of yard clippings out to my sisters where they burn it on the beach. Gives them a nice evening fire while the weather is still nice. Came home and completed the top to another"Quilts for Kids". Now have to get the current quilt (blocks my mom did) done and off the frame so I can quilt this one. Didn't do much else except sweep the floors again which is a daily chore. Had my nephew out to mow the lawn, sure like that.

Tomorrow is our monthly EQ7 class. Looking forward to it. It's at the LQS which is nice as I need to look for fabric for the center blocks on a RR my sisters and I are doing. Have been playing with the idea of a medallion for the center start out block in Navajo colors. Terra Cotta, turquoise, white or tan and black. Our LQS gives a 20% discount after you have spent $100 which makes it nice when your putting out a lot of loot. I only have one complaint about the EQ programs. When you have 1/2 square it counts those pieces as a full square and you have to be really careful with the yardage requirements. We forget year to year when we do our raffle quilt for our annual family picnic. Again we purchased to much fabric but......we've been doing a different backing so this extra will go to the backing and not end up in the stash. This year we are doing "Shakespeare in the Park" in dark rich colors.

On Sunday I am meeting my sisters and we are doing all the cutting/sorting/packaging in preparation for sewing our raffle quilt. With so many different ones working on the blocks it's good to have it all pre-cut into a kit. We purchased everybody a 1/4" foot with guide so all seams should be equal and lead to less rip rip.

Our weather has been beautiful, nice warm sunny days with the trees all turning colors. This is without a doubt my favorite time of the year. Crisp cool mornings, bright sunshine and gorgeous color on the trees as the leaves turn. Have to enjoy it as it won't be long before the winter monsoons start and it rains constantly till spring. Time to get out and enjoy it while you can.


Chatting with my oldest son.
John going back to work.
Spending time with my sisters.
Deer in the backyard.
Enjoying beautiful weather.