Sunday, December 04, 2005

Shopping for fabric....

Thursday I met my sister and cousin to pick out the fabrics for our 2006 Family Picnic Raffle Quilt. What a challenge that turned out to be. My favorite LQS had a 40% discount on everything in the shop. The gals are disolving their partnership, one going on to bigger things, the other re-opening after the first of the year. So happy to know the shop isn't closing permantly. My cousin couldn't make a definite decission on anything, (don't know why she chose to be part of the process) kept offering up her stash at every turn and suggesting pattern changes. What part of NO she doesn't understand is beyond me. With the help of my sister, we finally gathered up fabrics, had them measured, cut, paid for and out the door to a smattering of snow falling.

Yesterday we met at another sister's home to cut and distribute some of the fabric for parts that need to be done before another meeting and blocks assembled. I wanted to do it with my sister and there came my cousin with a bag of her stash in hand. I'm sure glad I did a sample block to show how well our chosen fabrics worked together. She and her two sisters are doing the applique border and I'm crossing my fingers she doesn't add to what has been designed.

While cutting the fabric, I came to realize not only did we buy too much but have enough for a second smaller quilt. I used EQ for yardage requirements before being tipped off the program over estimates the amounts you need. All in all a nice day.

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