Tuesday, November 09, 2010

The Mysterious Quilt disappearance

Last Saturday I went out to my sisters for our bi-weekly sewing get together, taking a quilt made from Mom's blocks to show n tell. Did the show n tell, put it back in the bag and merrily went about sewing.....At the end of sewing we packed up hopped in the car and off for a late lunch and also take care of some business for our LLC.

Well, the other day I decided I had caught up on due projects so would bind it having stopped at Joann's for a hunk of fabric for it....and would you know it's nowhere to be found here in my sewing room or anywhere else in the house.

Next thought is...has to be out in my sisters shop and that I had forgot to bring it home....hmmmmm she can't find it either. I barely remember not having it in the car on the way to lunch so it had to be at her house. NOT unless its hiding in plain site and she doesn't know exactly what she's looking for. Her shop is big, a converted 3 car garage and packed full of totes and sewing tables, machines etc. Hopefully come this Saturday our next sewing date I can find it out there otherwise it's a mystery yet to be solved.

Today I'm going to spend my time stitching on blocks for our raffle quilt. We're getting close to having them all done, nearly 100 blocks and then can assemble it ready for quilting. Every year I keep saying this is the last one I am going to hand quilt and every year I find myself settled in during the winter with a nice warm quilt in my lap.

We've handed off our Sister's Round Robin centers. I get to be the first one to add on here. I'm not quite sure what I will do other than add a stopper round and square it off. It's bright and cheerful as are my 2 other sister's centers. I'm waiting for it to talk to me and it better get busy as we are handing off again the first of December.

Mine is dark and dreary and I'm not one bit happy with my choice of fabrics. My center is the Kansas Troubles fabrics that we are using in our raffle quilt, which IMHO will be quite nice not like my center. I also made a big goof and didn't notice it till the 2nd time I had ripped out and had it completely back together. Some days mistakes can stay mistakes and we can live with them. I wasn't about to tear it out a 3rd time. I wish I had went with bright colors which are more to taste.

We are into winter here. It's been gray, wet and cold. Time for fires in the stove and yet some days are bright and sunny. It's been one of those kindling years so far.....lots of kindling used to start a fire to warm the house then let go out. I've been using my little radiant heaters which will warm up the front of the house but now I need that heat in my sewing room way at the back of the house. National Weather Service is predicting a winter like we haven't seen in almost 50 years. I'm not looking forward to that but this year I am going to be prepared for it.

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Jaayimee said...

I hope you can find that quilt! weird how things disappear like that. I would love to see a photo of it and of the raffle quilt. I love the Shakespere in the Park pattern.