Thursday, November 11, 2010

My missing quilt has been found. I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I found it right here in my sewing room.
Having had a "seniour moment" I had forgot putting it in the container I had planned on using for our Sister RR exchange. One of my sisters happened to be at Joann's when they had a sale on their boxes and she had purchased one for each of us. Deciding I would start doing something about the containers sitting on the floor holding remnants of other finished projects I opened the one closest to my hand to see just what was in it.....Much to my surprise there was Mom's missing quilt.

Today I put the binding on and stitched it down. Another UFO completed and out of the way. The odd block in the middle of the 3rd row is left over fabric from a one piece sun-suit I had made some 50 years ago. Remember those one piece shorts that were all the rage during the Kennedy years?

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lulu said...

The lost has been found and it is a beautiful quilt Dona.