Monday, November 22, 2010

Baby it's Cold Outside

We're in a cold weather snap out here on the far left coast. It's a whopping 22 degrees outside and has been all day long. How it can snow when it's that bloody cold is beyond me but snow it did, just enough to make a mess on the roads up here in the woods. Winds are whipping out at my sisters clocking in at 60 mph which makes me glad my big trees protect me. I know this is nothing compared to what other parts of the country get but I'm still cold and am already for summer to be here. LOL

November has not been a good month for my furry friends. My Lady developed an abscessed tooth that had to be removed. A day spent at the Vet Hospital, tooth extraction, Bx and big vet bill. No sooner had she recovered and back to the Vet I went with Roscoe, the Manx. He was one sick kitty. Dehydrated, very elevated BS, low Potassium and UTI. Spent three days taking him in for IV fluids with Potassium added, antibiotics and now daily BS tests with insulin shots. In one week he's improved 100%. I can almost see the weight coming back. His diabetes is no way under control, some days normal, some days way off the scale. In talking with the vets I find more indoor only kitty's tend to develop diabetes than indoor/outdoor ones. Makes one wonder if all the exercise they get chasing down prey has something to do with it not to mention a diet other than dry kibble.

Thanksgiving this year is going to be iffy. John won't be coming home with the weather so unpredictable. Driving from here to Portland is iffy if not impossible and I certainly don't expect him to drive home in the kind of weather we have been having. I've been invited to two of my siblings for dinner but don't know if I will go to either of them. Both are out in the county and driving on ice is not my idea of any kind of fun especially off this hill I live on. My sister has so generously offered my nephew to come fetch me as he has studded tires and is a good driver in snow. Not him I would worry about but all the other ones on the roads. I'm going to bake my dinner rolls just in case and hope the promised higher temps and rain arrives on time.

This year I am prepared for the bad weather I know we will be getting. I've stocked up on kitty food, litter, people food and all the other necessities one needs to survive stuck at home. I can eat out of the freezer and pantry for a month or so. Won't have the fresh veggies and can easily run out of eggs but in a pinch can always walk a mile to the high dollar mini-mart here if I really need those things.

I've managed my time at home with sewing. I'm working on a very old UFO, my Broken Star that I've been ripping apart and English paper piecing back together. I have one more leg on the center star to complete and then start the broken star around the outside. This isn't going to be accomplished in a day or two, but will take moths to take it all apart and re-do it. I have another Quilts for Kids kit to put together this week so when the weather breaks and I feel it's safe to drive to town I can get it back in the mail. I enjoy doing up these little quilts for these little kids who need a love to wrap in.

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