Thursday, November 19, 2009


as in all the left over pieces from all the quilts and such I have done. I have all these pieces and didn't have a clue what to do with them. While over on looking for one of Bonnies free patterns/tutorial I saw the perfect pattern for them. A super scrappy Trip Around the World. I had all these 2.5" squares cut so sorted them into stacks of sixes and then just grabbed a light, a dark, a medium and put them together. When all my squares are used I'm going to do Bonnie's strip method. It seems much easier and quicker and quick is what I need.
John came home last weekend and bargained with me for a raise in our weekly allowance (yes we have allowances). He bargained for a quilt for another of the bartender friends down in Portland saying I had so many laying around surely I could donate one to this young lady who has recently gone into remission. I'm not sure what kind of CA she had but remission it is. Lest you think otherwise, these young ladies are all of the age where he considers them his children/grandchildren as he's never had either of his own, just mine. I don't mind, they all look after him like a favorite father/grandfather.
To make a long story shorter, I don't have any quilts I'm ready to part with, what I have left are for ME. Call me selfish, maybe I am but.....these are my favorites....I don't want to share them with anybody. So I promised I would have a quilt ready hopefully by the next time he comes home for a weekend and if not the following one. It will be a dash to the finish line.
I recently started the process of having dental implants. Not to be too gross, I had a loose tooth that really needed to come out. I was hanging onto it. Vanity you know, hated the thought of maybe having to have another partial so called the Orthodonist, made an appt to have the tooth taken out and a bone graft done. While sitting here at the puter, the darned tooth just fell out. Wednesday I went for the bone graft. OUCHIE. While the pain is mostly gone now, I look like I'm storing nuts for the winter or have a pretty good sized plug of tobbacy in my jaw which is turning all shades of purple/yellow. Major swelling/bruising. It's a shame we can't grow more teeth as we need them.
My brother called yesterday to see if I was home. I'd been talking to him about replacing the wood in the front porch and he came out and did it yesterday. He's been off work a lot this past year and any little bit helps out. Ocean Kayak recently closed here in our town putting his wife out of a very good paying job and onto Unemployment. The porch re-do is very professional, a jack of all trades he is. Why hire somebody for a job when you can pay your siblings to do the same job just as well and at a rate that is acceptable to you and them.
Saturday is another planned sister day of sorts. We are almost done with putting our next years raffle quilt together. There's 2 blocks that still need to be re-done. A little setback and then we can lay it out, play with the blocks till we have a combo we all like to stitch together. This has not been fun, to many different 1/4"s and rip, rip, rip and re-do. Any suggestions on how to get 7 different people, machines and 1/4" feet to be a accurate would certainly be appreciated. Had thought of getting everybody "The Angler" with hopes that would work but......when you have an "it's close enough", a speed demon who needs to "do more blocks than everybody else" you tend to have problems.
A brother who does carpenter work and anything else you need.
A sister who gets up on the roof to clean gutters and stacks wood for me.
A DH who takes very good care of me
A roof over my head and enough to eat.
Good Health when so many don't have that good health.

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