Thursday, November 05, 2009

Do you ever get really bored and don't know what to do with yourself so you sit in front of the computor and play silly games. I seem to be in that "boordom" mode for the last month or so. Can't get too interested in anything so find myself on facebook tending my crops, milking my cows and collecting eggs on farmville. Now just how silly is that for a grown woman of 70 years?

I've found some games that are challenging and tend to spend waaaaay too much time playing them when I should be being creative in my sewing room.

My little fawns are growing up into young ladies and gents. They come each and every day for apples that I cut up for them. They're spoiled and I love doing it. My yard is their favorite laying down place during mid day. I can look out my window and see several of them laying down chewing away on their cuds.

My sister came out a couple days ago to use my quilting machine. She came all afraid that she would ruin it and it would be difficult to use. I loaded up the practice piece I use, on went the machine and I turned her loose. After a hesitant pass or two she got right into it. Of course as it happens I got a bobbin in backwards and we crawled around the floor under the machine picking out one big birds nest. The top she did was for her granddtr's birthday on Saturday. It's on to pantograms next for her. She did a supurb job and even wrote her gdtrs name in one of the borders with the year.

I've been spending my evenings in front of the TV handquilting my 12 Days of Christmas wall hanging. I'm down to the last four blocks before I do the small connecting squares and finish with the embelishments. It's so much easier to do them after the quilting. The beads don't tend to pop off. I will be happy to have this one done and out of the way as I'm really getting tired of it. It's a beautiful pattern but 7 months on the same project is way toooooooo long.

We've been working on our raffle quilt for next year and only a few more star blocks to finish before we can lay the blocks out and decide on how it's to be.

It's to be a tripple Irish Chain with star blocks in the centers of the chain. One of these years I'm going to win the raffle quilt and I would like to win this one. vbg

John (DH) called this evening. His ship may be leaving in a day or two to go down off the coast of CA where the helo and plane collided. He says while he doesn't like to get underway this is different. He feels the families should be able to have their loved ones back and not left out in the ocean. They are going on a recovery mission. Please say a prayer for all the families of those that have lost their lives.

When we think of our gratutdes and what we are thankful do we ever think of our Coast Guard. Mountain Rescue, our Military members at the end of the day? These people risk their lives daily to help each and every one of us in one way or another. Each of us has military members in our family be they current or from years past that we should thank and say a prayer for. Today I took down my yellow ribbon from my garage in support of my nephew who has returned from Afiganistan.

I leave you tonight with my silly kitty Roscoe who might have well has said "don't bother me I'm busy eating my salad".

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