Friday, November 13, 2009

I wish I had interesting things to write about but I just don't. There's not much that happens up here in the woods. The deer come by for their apples each and every day. My furballs need attention as well each and every day. I think I live a very boring life, a real hermit stay at home who hardly ever gets out much. I no longer belong to any quilting guild or have friends other than my sisters to quilt with. My big excitement for the week is a trip to the grocery store and a stop for a cuppa or two with one of my sisters.

Less you think I am whining I'm not. I like my solitude to enjoy the deer in the yard, the birds who visit the feeders and the squirell who raids them to the point of climbing right inside. Even the deer raid the bird feeders this time of year. Up on their hind legs those long toungues just slurping up the seed.

My days are spent just puttering around, lots of puter games and keeping up with all my online friends. Some days I spend curled up in my lazy boy with a good book to keep me company other days I go on a cleaning frenzy, shoveling out shelves and closets that have become catch alls for what ever seems in my hand at the moment. The other day I got ambitious and like a whirlwind went through the house with a frenzy making everything clean and shiney. Even got into the laundry room to de-clutter the shelves. In 15 min a bag was ready for Goodwill and my shelves all neatly arranged. Found things I didn't remember having like a super table cloth my Mom embroidered and crocheted an edging on. Makes a person wonder why they let things slide for so long when it takes such a short few minutes to straighten it all up.

Last week I took down my yellow ribbon while my sister's neighbor put a flag on her mailbox. I was celebrating my Nephew coming home from Afaganistan while she was mourning the loss of her grandson. He is the first soldier our county and little town has lost to this awful war. The whole town turned out to honor him as he was brought home. It has hit quite close to home as it could have been my nephew instead of her grandson. We are a family of many who have been in or retired from the military. We give thanks to all those who are now serving their country.

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