Thursday, March 30, 2006

Spring Cleaning

I've been spring cleaning around here. It's amazing my furry friends aren't nekked for all the fur they've left behind, under and around the furniture. They seem to manufacture it, the more I brush, the more they produce. I hate my furniture, it's so stiff , it could catapult you across the room. Lady spends more time on it than I do. We never use this room, it reminds me of Gramma's parlor she only opened for special occassions. I spent yesterday shampooing the carpets, clearing out junk and arranging this clunky furniture into a cozy conversation area. The room looks like it's grown. Wonder what ever possessed me to pick this furniture. It's awful, it's clunky and not me.

The sewing machine moved back to the sewing room. It's on my list for a make over first of next week. Sewing is at a standstill until the make-over, I can hardly move in there for the clutter. I'll be happy when I can sit and stitch again. This spring cleaning has taken up a lot of time but necessary and feels so good to have such neat and tidy rooms again after the long winter.

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Is Lady spoiled or what? The quilt in the corner is our wedding quilt. Drab, muted colors but I love it just the same. Mom made it for us, she doesn't do so well anymore. Her stitches aren't as neat and tidy as once they were. Her eyesight is going, her hands are shakey, the fabrics are mismatched, but if she made another one today, I would love it just the same, she's my MOM.

Sharon, the black fabric probably started rotting long before the person who used it purchased it. It came from a close out sale when a "dime store" was getting rid of their fabric and it layed in a sunny window for who knows how long before the sale, a good start at disinegrating.
Tami, happy to give some inspiration to your round robin.

Being thankful....I don't think we express the many things we are thankful for enough or post our gratitudes as Joanne does. When I read her posts with her gratitudes I give pause to all the things I am thankful for. One of the things I am most thankful for is:

My 91 year old Mother's health and ability to enjoy life to the fullest. Her joy at getting up everyday with a smile on her face knowing she has one more day on this earth.

My Goals

To have a super time with John when he comes home this weekend.
To give my sewing room a make-over next week.


Sharon said...

Seems our furniture stays behind as we grow with our tastes and likes/dislikes. We have a set right now that I thought I really liked about 3 years ago, but I'm ready to toss it out the window!

And I have a picture or two of my Bonnie and Clyde almost exactly in the same position as your cat in front of the heater. They think it was turned on just for them!

It will be great for you to stitch in a nice tidy space....and spring cleaning is always good for the soul - it cleans windows in our minds as we work - that's what my 85 year old mom says ! LOL!

Holly said...

That's a cozy, inviting little conversation nook you've created. Looks like a good place to curl up and read a book.

ForestJane said...

I want to get a closer view of that ... is it a quilt? that you have on the wall. :)

There's siamese cats stretched out shedding here too - if I get reincarnated, I want to come back as a cat!