Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A Round Robin

I haven't felt much like sewing lately. I don't know what's the matter with me and grampa's ring is still amongst the missing which is very depressing.

Several years ago when our local quilt group didn't want to do a round robin 5 friends/family and I decided we would. We named ourselves the Supper Six and I never did determine whether it was "supper as in eating" or "super". We met once a month at one home or another for dinner and passed along our creations till the last round was finished. At the end of the six months we had dinner and an unveiling. Each gal went out of the room, the top was hung and we were called in one by one. I couldn't have been more excited if I had won the lottery. I love red and yella and mine certainly fit the bill. From the day I sent off my center square till the evening we had an unveiling we never knew what each of the group was doing. We chatted amongst ourselves, asking questions about how to do this or what do you think of that. The first round was added, it went to my cousin who's husband said it was "ruined". The yellow border with applique just didn't fit. My cousin added her round, another friend added Carolina Lilies and set it on point. My Mom who's favorite block, a log cabin and a finish with borders. It all came together when I added a pillow border across the top. Many hours of handquilting and I entered it the local fair. This quilt was exceptional, it needed to be shared never expecting it to win anything. Imagine my surprize when it won the best of quilt as well as a blue ribbon.

I've never used it on my bed. I have to mend it before I can. The black fabric in the second round is rotting away.


tami said...

WOW. Very impressive. My quilt group is starting a round robin and now I have some great ideas to use. Thank you for sharing.

Sharon said...

Super, duper quilt! What a group to have done this! I don't think I would ever have been so lucky to find a group who would do this kind of workmanship. What in the world do you suppose happened to that black fabric that would cause it to "rot away"?

Tonya R said...

Very dynamic, stunning quilt. I'm impressed with all the creativity that went into it - not an "eeuuww" round in it. Gorgeous colors.