Monday, March 13, 2006

The Lot Next Door

This morning John looked out the patio doors and inquired what "that stake" was for. Curiousity killing this cat, I had to put my jacket on and stroll over to see what was going on. The lot has been sold, the trees are marked for removal and a house is staked out. Soon the early morning quiet will be shattered with the sounds of chain saws, logging trucks, hammers and all the assorted noise of new building going on. I'm happy some of the big fir trees are going to be taken down as they block the sun from the backyard and spend all year long dropping needles on the roof to fill the gutters when it rains. I'm not happy that yet another big, big house is going up and practically in my backyard. I'm thankful we have a screen of trees and berry bushes that leaf out during the summer and screen our backyard. I'm not happy knowing the deer who visit my yard will be loosing some more of their habitat.

Like Joanne loosing her restaurant, we are loosing so much of the forest we love to progress. I have to remember this is a housing development, lots are selling like hot cakes and building is booming.


Laurie Ann said...

That's too bad!! We have 25 acres and so have a good buffer on three sides, but I live in fear that someone is going to build a house on the side nearest to our house. That's life, I guess.

Joanne said...

So sorry you're losing your next door quiet! And taking down the trees and building seem to take so long. Time to put on the earphones, turn on the music, and quilt, quilt, quilt!