Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Today was departure back to the ship for John. He sure did drag his feet and didn't want to leave which is par for the course as he never does. He would rather be retired instead of working for a living. Life goes on and vacations do come to an end. VBG Gathering up his necessaries always ends up a last minute dash around the house with list in hand. Other than being underfoot and needing a lot of attention the minute I sat down to sew, it was one of the better times together.

It's not been a good week for me. Wednesday morning I woke up and noticed my antique ring had gone missing from my finger. I wouldn't have been half as upset if it had been anyone of the many rings adorning my fingers. I inherited my ring when Mom thought I was old enough. I've only been it's caretaker for the past 6 or 7 years. Guess I wasn't old enough yet. It had been my Grampa's wedding ring, 2 diamonds flanking a ruby and 100 years old. Yesterday was spent, plastic sheet on the floor sifting through the garabage. I don't know how forensics can stand to do this kind of stuff. I know it's in the house somewhere and eventually it will show up, but I'm just sick thinking I might never find it.

Sewing on the blue and green quilt the other day was a downer. No matter what I did, nothing turned out right and much fabric went into the junk bag. It must not have been a good day for stars. Tomorrow I am going to spend some time with them. I've made my goal list of all the things that must be done before the next vacation time. The list is long and getting longer.

My goals for tomorrow
....increase my time on the Treadmill by 5 min
....clean the to bottom including drawers/cupboards
....stitch some more stars
....spend at least 1 hour handquilting


Patti said...

Sending positive thoughts your way that the ring will show up very soon. Seems like your finger should be the safest place to keep it. I wonder what could have happened? Do you take it off to do housework of any kind? Might you have absentmindedly left it sitting on a shelf somewhere? I do that sort of thing all the time!

keryn said...

I love your hexagon quilt, and the blue nad green stars, they look so vibrant. I might run away and search my stash for some greens...

My friend lost her emgagement ring for 8 months; it was finally found in a magazine that her friend borrowed and didn't get round to looking at. Who would ever have thought that it could stay hidden there all that time!

cher said...

hope your ring turns up sooner rather than much does make you heartsick. Good luck with reaching those goals..seems like a good approach to feeling you have too much to do.

Holly said...

Hoping with you that you find the ring soon. Sometimes when we stop looking is when it turns up. I know you have to exhaust all possibilities first.