Sunday, November 20, 2011

A new project

It's been really hard to get my get up and go going. Weather is so cold all I want to do is sit with a good book, wrapped in lap quilt and read with the noisy TV rumbling along in the background. It's been chilly with temps dropping into the 20's lately, snow promised which didn't arrive and wind storms on this the left coast.

I haven't been working on my block a day project instead have started yet another project that will not turn into a UFO. Last July at the family picnic my 22 yr old grandson asked me "Gramma, will you make me a new quilt, mine is way to small". I thought back to when I had made this quilt and realized it was for his 8th grade graduation and a lot of time has passed since then as well as growth as he's reached well over 6'4". Thinking all 3 of my grandsons are towering up to 6'7" I decided my goal should be 3 new quilts long enough to cover these long legged boys. Having made the mistake of asking what colors they liked I had to figure out what on earth I could do using neon orange, yellow, red, black and blue. The best I could do was choose 3 colors plus a black and do a sorta rail fence. Each one has different favorite colors, eye bleeding bright and black.

I started the first one having found the perfect batik black background with a pattern to it. Added some neon orange and a green. I have a good start almost half the blocks done on this one. Strips are cut and as I changed my mind in mid stream am short just a yard of solid black which necessitates at trip to my LQS for more. I would like to finish them all for Xmas and being realistic what with postage cost will have them done so they can take them home next July when they come to visit

Tomorrow I'm going shopping with my sister for Thanksgiving dinner. I've checked the weather reports which promise rain. I'm hoping there's not a repeat of last year when I woke up finding way to much snow to drive off my mountain. In any advent should it snow and I can't drive my BIL or Nephew will come fetch me and return me to home. John's ship is out to sea doing a cable repair and while they are supposed to be back in Portland on the 23rd this weather has delayed the repair and will certainly not plan on his being here for dinner.

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving spent with family and friends.

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