Friday, November 04, 2011

Another day spent waiting on repair and delivery people. My new washer is all installed and been working quit well. This new washer isn't as fancy as the old one and doesn't have some of the nicer settings that the old one did but will make do. With everything being sent out of the country and hardly anything manufactured here in the good ole' USA things just aren't as good as they once were. My old washer lasted just 7 years and the one before that a good 20 or more. What I wouldn't give for some good old USA made appliances.

The plumber showed up on the heals of the washer delivery and nice guy that he was pulled out that nasty carpet in the bathroom and some of the staples. Not his job description but he did it anyway. Quite a few dollars later I now have a working toilet with a wet floor I am slowly drying.

Next up when the floor is dry I will have the fella out that installed my new flooring. He's saved the left over linoleum from the laundry room and it will be just enough to do the itty bitty bathroom floor. I've had my three's so now hopefully nothing else will decide to give up the ghost.

While the plumber was here I laid out and taped down my backing for the RR to pin sandwich it ready for hand quilting. Bless the plumber he said it was beautiful. I've started the quilting process. This one I am going to enter in our local fair this year and see if I can add another ribbon to the box I already have. It's not a large quilt, barely queen size and hangs just a bare 6" over the top of the bed but I'm not into having them so over sized they might as well be called bedspreads.

Tomorrow I go back to the LQS to pick up the background fabric I forgot to get yesterday so I can get back to my Block a Day which I haven't been able to keep up with. I'm not pleased with the way my photo's are printing out on fabric sheets as they are not sharp and the color isn't good. I've wasted so much ink and fabric sheets that I'm going to give up trying to print any more. Plus, they never print out where I want them too. I'm totally not printer savvy or I have a poor printer. I'm trying to make a memory quilt for my Roscoe and it's not working at all.

I'll leave you with Lady.

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Diana Davis said...

Don't you hate waiting for people to come do a service for you? I had to wait since Wednesday morning for repair to come and tell me my modem was bad. Sheesh. They could've overnighted me one a whole lot quicker.

anyway I'm glad you got your washer delivered and up and running. Nice of the plumber to pull the wet carpet up; I'm sure some of that hefty price tag included it!

It says image in the blog but I don't see a picture of the quilt, so I guess I will have to wait to comment on that. :^) Hope you're keeping warm!