Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Lady Loves a Fire

It's been really cold in mornings and because my Wood guy hasn't called to tell me when he can deliver a couple more cords of wood for the winter I have been rationing what little fires I've had. Today he called and has several more cords for my winter wood so I cranked up the stove and raised the temperature in the house from 57 to 75 degree's. While this is a bit warm for me I can open the door to the garage and let some of the heat out. Lady loves a fire and will lay in front of the stove for days on end if it's got a fire in it. VBG

My block a day challenge has taken a back seat until I can get out to the LQS tomorrow and hopefully find some more of the fabric I have been using for background in my stars. I want to keep it consistent for some reason and haven't a clue why.

So tomorrow after the washer repair person comes I will go to town and hit the November sale at my favorite LQS. If I take a canned good for their food drive I can have 30% off one cut of fabric which will be nice as I need to get a backing for the RR. Also need to pick up 6 different colors to make a quilt for one of my grandsons who wants a real bright competition orange in his quilt and black to tone it down some. Kinda psychedelic I think. Lots of other good % off at my LQS as well.

Also need to call in the plumber as my master bedroom potty has developed a leak and I can't use it till it's fixed. It's leaked into the carpet in there (who ever decided carpet in the bathroom should be shot) so have to replace that as well which is a good thing as I am not pleased with it anyway.

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Diana Davis said...

my bathroom has carpet in it too. how stupid, when I've got a whirlpool tub, shower and toilet in there. duh. well the plan is to eventually remove the carpet and tile it. my toitee is in need of a new wax ring; I have been putting it off but will probably need to do it before winter. sigh. the joys of homeownership, LOL.
I wish I had a nice woodstove like yours. we have the fireplace but I'm thinking maybe an insert would be nice; that way we'd at least get the benefit of the heat coming off the stove. for now we just get to look at the fire and it's not very warming to the room.