Friday, June 24, 2011


Today I took my fur baby into the vet once again. He's been having problems off and on for over a year for the same symptoms. Lately he's had blood in his urine and after a trip 12 days ago, a shot of a super antibiotic he still has blood in his urine. How does one tell that? I've a smart kitty, he came into the bathroom as I was using it, stepped into his litter, hung his behind over the edge and urinated on the floor.

I did my homework and went with a list of questions and symptoms. Between the Vet and I we decided he should have some IV fluid as he is very dehydrated, blood work, a urinalysis and ultrasound to determine whether he had bladder or kidney stones.

Dr. Sullivan just called me to report on the ultrasound. No bladder or kidney stones however, it showed a tumor or cyst in his abdomen which he aspirated and is sending to the lab. This could very well be the cause of all his problems.

Right now he is doing better with the IV fluids he is getting and he will be able to come home late tonight then go back for another IV in the morning.

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Sherry said...

How is Roscoe? You haven't posted an update so I thought I would ask. I hope all has been well.