Thursday, July 07, 2011

Busy Week

It's been busy around here now that I'm finally finished with quilting the raffle quilt. It's done and in the hands of another sister for the binding and label to be added. It's a beautiful quilt, the colors are rich and the pattern different than we've ever done before. We try to keep the fabrics something that will go with anything and more country than anything else. This year I decided to do Baptist Fans and what a mistake I made with them.. Instead of starting from the top or bottom I started in the middle which left me with fans off their mark and little areas that needed a bit of extra fill. Am happy to know that next year my youngest sister is going to be quilting the raffle quilt and I have passed the this off to her.

I've been cleaning house. 4 months of constant quilting leaves little time for anything other than the bare necessities getting done. The bed got changed, the dishes got into the dishwasher, the laundry was kept up, the bathrooms cleaned and the floors swept. Dusting, window washing, floor mopping and all the other chores of keeping a tidy house got neglected. The past couple days I've been moving furniture, vacuming up mounds of kitty fur from under everything, washing windows and scrubbing floors. Spring cleaning in July.

The 4th party was wonderful. An adult party with very few little kids and we celebrated with gusto. Lots of good food and company. Some came early and stayed late, others came late and left early. Fireworks went on for several hours and still some flashes at 2 am the next morning. A big bonfire to keep warm by and smoores for those chocolate lovers. I stayed over as the party was at my sisters and jumped out of bed at 5 am to rush home and take care of my fur balls who both are diabetic. A good time had by all.

Today I sat down and sewed for the first time in months. One of my internet friend's daughter is having a baby and I finally got my block done and ready to mail in the morning. Next on my list is a wedding quilt for friends of John. I'm doing a Triple Irish Chain with hand dyed fabrics I had left over from another project and had no idea what to do with the left overs. It will be bright and colorful. I'm happy to be back sewing after such a long dry spell.

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