Friday, June 03, 2011

It's been a year of really bad weather with tornadoes skimming across the country and landing in California. Who ever heard of such a thing, nut trees uprooted and rice sucked up to hither and yon. Way too much rain here in our green green pacific northwest, snow in Reno the end of May. Who ever heard of such a thing. I haven't been able to get out to do much in the way of yard work. I hire my nephew to mow my lawn and cut down the tall grasses that refuse to be nice out in my lot. The grass with all this rain grows faster than a person can keep it mowed down.

On the nice side we have had some nice sunny days with warm temps. Just a little temptation to get outside and dig in the gardens and hopefully plant some seeds that won't rot in the ground for all the rain and cold temps we've had here.

I've started to collect next winters wood. I like to get it early so it can "season"over the summer. I have a super sweet wood guy that brings me the cleanest, pretties wood one could want. Who you say wants pretty wood. Well, I do. I don't want old wood that's been sitting down for a long time and is dirty half rotted. I stacked a cord yesterday and I'm beginning to think I'm really getting past the age of stacking wood. I felt like a hundred year old when I rolled out of bed this morning, everything and I mean everything screamed to high heavens. Like what did you do to me. LOL

I'm still plugging along on our family raffle quilt. This year is going to be a nip and tuck to get it done on time. I over estimated the time I would have to hand quilt this monster and I've been spending a good 8 hours a day with it. My house has gone to h............. in a hand basket and I've got kitty hair enough to build three or four more. It's all I can do to keep the kitchen sink cleaned, the laundry done and forget anything called dusting. My fingers are so sore from pin pricks and letting me know "we aren't doing this next year, we are on strike".

I had some new visiters to my yard the other day. I guess this couple must have a nest down by the creek behind me. I got a glimpse of them, grabbed a couple pieces of bread and ran outside to feed the new visitors. They slowly came up in the yard, gobbled up the bread and proceeded to make their way back down to the creek. My sister out at the beach has a rooster pheasant with a harem, I have one little old Mallard Duck with a girlie.

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