Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sewing with Sisters

We had another sewing day on Thursday to exchange our RR's and baste the raffle quilt for next year. Can't say as we did much sewing as compared to sitting around the kitchen table with our morning cupps's or at least 2 of us did and cinnamon rolls made up front and delicious. As would have it when it came time to hit the road for home I completely forgot the raffle quilt which I am hand quilting sitting in my sisters living room and now have to go meet her at her office to collect it and get busy on the quilting end of it.

I received my row robin back from my internet exchange. Lovely musical blocks in all bright colors that I am anxious to lay out and stitch together. It won't be a very large quilt but will make a nice throw on the bed topper to keep the big quilts from gathering so much Kat fuzz and fur. I hope to lay it out tmr after my dental appt. John is off to Seattle to the Coast Guard office so should have time to play with the blocks before he gets home.

Weather has been really windy but warm here lately. Went out to haul in wood this afternoon and found my tarp had blown off my woodpile leaving it exposed to the rain we have been having. Grabbed my wood for the day and replaced the tarp, staking it down so the next wind wouldn't make a sail of it for me to go chase down the road.
My kat has the biggest feet. All thums and looks like he has catchers mits where paws ought to be. lol

I haven't much to write on my blog. There's not much going on while John is home for his 2 months off other than the normal trips to the grocery store, the weather and our trips here and there to take care of his requirements for his job.

I did spend a good hour today cleaning and straightening out my sewing room, I do need a bigger room. It's so crowded with the LA in there that I hardly have room to turn around in. My siblings and I own a piece of property left to us by our Mom that we are putting up for sale this spring. I'm hoping it sells so I can build John a garage and convert the present garage into a sewing studio/game room. I can see it in my dreams.

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Denise said...

I love the photo of your cat. Looks quite happy and relaxed. I just love this kitty's paws!