Sunday, December 12, 2010

I'm Bored

It's gray, gloomy and rainy here in the Pacific Northwest. Good time to sit in by the wood stove and be artistic but I don't feel artistic. I feel glum, gloomy and bored to death with watching the rain fall out of the sky.

I haven't done anything sewing that is exceptional, just finished a couple blocks for an internet RR that I signed up for. Which makes me think why do I keep doing this, getting back bunches of blocks or rows that I stuff away for a rainy day. And isn't that what we are having right now, lots or rain and flooding rivers and creeks right out my backdoor. Paper piecing did I tell you I hate to paper peice but did a palm tree block for the RR which had a Hawaiian theme, then scrounged around and found an applique block I had done with the idea of putting together a Hawaiian quilt of my own. Wasn't going to happen so off this block went and saved me the time to do up another block. Is that cheating or what, completed my commitment and re-purposed another block. TADA

My commitments to projects is getting smaller by the minute. I have to big blocks to make for my neighbor for her two grandsons. Both need a alphabet letter of their names and to be quilted (I think)for a pillow. Shouldn't take to long to do them and have this commitment out of the way.

Like Nan from BC I surely do like pics on my blog but don't have any to share.
But wait a sec yes I do Some of my neice and nephew My neice with her gingerbread house and my nephew with his santa cookies which he decorated all by himself and then got to take them home to eat.


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