Sunday, December 26, 2010

It's Officially Winter I think

Winter is here in full force....We've had so many weather alerts everything from heavy rains, floods to high winds. I'm tired of winter and January isn't even here yet.

Christmas is over, today was our anniversary....32 years of wedded bliss...vbg, not so much bliss sometimes but bliss just the same. Amazing for being together all these years later after getting married on a whim because we had nothing else to do the day after Christmas back in 1978. Today was supposed to be spent with John enjoying the day and being thankful for all the years we have spent together but as with life he got called back to work yesterday and had to leave at first light to go back to the ship.

So, I spent my day in the sewing room peeling blocks out of the raffle quilt top to fix. Snails trails just do not look right when the trails are not placed correctly. The first one came out was redone and replaced in short order. The second one took way longer to pick out the many rows of stitching. Somebody had made 3 and 4 passes on the same seam line and not bothered to pick out the previous ones. What a mess but are now almost all back together and ready to replace in the top with one more to go. I'll be glad when this repair is done and I can move on to my next project which is potholders for my sisters.

I just finished making two throw pillows for a neighbor for her grandsons for Xmas. She wanted a block with their initial in the center so did a star with the initial in the center spot. I've never done throw pillows or cording for that matter and didn't enjoy either project. Cording even with a zipper foot is not the easiest thing to do but do I did and got them done. Walked over today to see how they liked them but nobody home so will run over tmr.

Don't know if I mentioned I finally finshed my 12 Days of Christmas wallhanging but here it is on the wall. I'm pleased with how it turned out and think I might do one more for my other great granddaugter as I only have 2 and doesn't look like there might be anymore in my lifetime.

I'll leave you tonight with Lady who thinks she's a dog and needs to stretch out in front of the heater.

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