Saturday, March 31, 2007


Catherine...please encourage your DH to get his granfather a Rescue Alert system. I really believe if my Mom had had a button to push she would still be living in her trailer. I'm thankful she wasn't hurt, but also glad that it made her decide she could't live alone anymore.

Paula...I like the sounds of the slider. I polish my machine bed to help with the sliding or is that not sliding problems when trying to manhadle all that fabric through the throat of the machine.

Sharon....give it a's fun once you get over the scare factor.

JT...maybe when I feel more comfortable with my own machine I'll go rent the LA at my LQS. I too am waaaaay behind on reading blogs. Not enough time in the day this past week.

Yankee Quilter....each day is better for Mom. She's getting used to the move and really settling in at the AL.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dona,
Love your website, and the Shakespear in the Park quilt. I assume you are the Dona that just posted the photo of the quilt on the homequiltingsystems group at Yahoo.

Also, did you know that in your bio, you listed your age as 250. Yikes! I wish I could live that long, and maybe I could make all the quilts on my "to do" list. LOL
Pat Haas - Renton, WA