Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Progress is being made verrrrrry slowly on the compass. It seems everyday has something new going on and getting into the sewing room is the least on the list of priorities.

At some point I have to decide what to fill in the center with...another smaller compass or a plain circle????? I haven't decided what comes next, my original plan of a circle of flying geese around the outside of the compass brought my eyes away from the compass. I know I am going to float smaller different compass's in the outer edge but getting them there has me stumped.

Today I babysat for my Sis's grandson while she went to the dentist. What a handful he is, on the go constantly, pushing as far as he could to see what I would do. I have to hand it to her that she takes care of him on a daily basis while his father is working.

In answer to the questions on my last blog which seems forever ago.

Lumpia is like an egg roll stuffed with cabbage/carrots/bean sprouts/shrimp and about anything else you would like to add and is the size of a taquita.

Yes, we raffle a quilt for family members only and proceeds go to help defray some of the expenses to my Sis and BIL who host the picnic at their place each year as well as to purchase fabric for the next years raffle quilt. Where the proceeds went wasn't what the cousin was upset about but a disagreement she and I had.

Shakespeare in the Park.. this is not an original of mine, but another one of Judy Martins spetacular patterns. You can order the book "The Creative Pattern Book" from her site at

Looks like blogger is schedule for an outage at 4 today so best get this posted before it's ate.


JudyL said...

WOW! That is gorgeous. There are so many points and they look so precise! I was so buy looking at all the points, I didn't even notice there was no center til I read about it.

Judy L.

computerpeach said...

that is beautiful!!

quiltpixie said...

The compass is turning out wonderfully!

Patti said...

The compass quilt is coming along splendedly! I love how the bright compass points stand out against the dark background. I wondered how you were doing - you've not posted for quite awhile. Seems like summers are always busy and gone before we know it. I can't believe my husband goes back to teaching two weeks from Friday.

Joanne said...

Glad to see you surface occasionally! Blogger wouldn't let me post at all last night, so I'm playing catch up yet again!

Ann said...

Like Judyl, I didn't notice the "empty" center til I read about it. What a BEAUTY! Can't wait to see what you end up doing in the center. I myself see a "plain" circle with some sort of flower motif quilted in it.

ForestJane said...

Ohh, nice compass there!

Angelika Soelch said...

Hello Dona,
what a great work you did with the compass - it is really beautiful!
Thank you for given me the title of the Judy-Martin-book . I hope to get it in germany, maybe by amazon.

Sandra said...

The Compass is absolutely stunning! I'm looking forward to seeing it all done.