Friday, July 21, 2006

Family Picnic

The kids have gone home, another family picnic among the memories filed away this summer to bring out and enjoy during the winter while the rain is falling and snow is promised.

A beautiful day, the sun beamed down on us and the wind stayed calm.

Lots of great food, BBQ'd oysters, salmon, ribs as well as burgers and hotdogs. More salads than you could count, plates and plates of lumpia. For those who don't know what lumpia are, they resemble egg rolls or taquitas and are super tasty. My SIL brings them every year and spends hours in the kitchen frying well over 300 of them up.

Vollyball on the beach with plenty of laughter and even a mooning by the pranksters in the family. Fireworks to watch as we sat around the bon fire toasting up marshmellows for Smoores.

We arrived to find my sister doing a lively ticket sales most of which were to my family. My cousin didn't buy a one and spent the whole day sitting on the deck with her sister and some of their kids. When I went to snap a picture as I keep an album of each years picnic she turned her back on me. Toooo bad she chose to be so childish. We all had a great time.

My DH brought out his "fart machine" and would set it down behind this or that person. Everyone wanted to have their turn and chose their victims.....I laughed till I cried.

As the day wound down and the sun began to lower in the sky my mom drew the winning ticket.

And the winner is..........
My brother Rick and his wife. While this wasn't the original raffle quilt it worked out quite nicely as they had just redecorated their bedroom in a blue theme.

Blogger isn't being nice to me today and wanted to eat all my pictures. I'll share some of my family with you later.


Shelina said...

Dona, I am glad you had good weather and a good time at your family picnic. That is a lovely quilt. I might just put it on my to-do list.

quiltpixie said...

you're right, its your cousin's loss if she wanted to be childish... Glad you didn't let it spoil your day.

ForestJane said...

What's a lumpia stuffed with? Egg rolls are usually cabbage based, taquitos are usually some kind of meat/bean mix... whats in a lumpia?

What did the proceeds from the ticket sales go for? Was that what your cousin was upset about, by chance?

Sewcatherine said...

You do a raffle quilt for your family members? What a neat idea.

Angelika said...

Hi, Dona, I'm a german quilter and I've fallen in love with your wonderful'Shakespeare'-quilt. Where can I get a pattern for this beauty or is it origin by you?
Sorry about my english!
My email is