Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Hour a Day Challenge

Finally a day for stitching. While working on the next border for the compass I realized all those snippets would make HST's needed for Judy's Challenge. I've always wanted to give a miniture quilt a try so these wee 1" HST's will work fine not only for the challenge but for this wee quilt as well. While I NEVER save scraps I just can't throw out all these scraps of batik and hand dyes without some feeling of guilt when they cost so dearly.

I've finished up 32 HST's while assembling the next border for the compass. Does this also make it a leader/ender project? Three birds with one stone. Today, time permiting, I will press, get them sashed and a photo session done.

I'm not sure I am going to like this current border for the compass I am working on. I've gone to a light hand dyed green for the background with the bright batiks to make a floating geese border ala Judy Martin. My deadline to have it ready for the LAer is creeping up so fast and my brain remains in a fog as what to do with it now. If this border doesn't audition pleasing to my eye, it's back to the cutting board and a dark background fabric. I wonder if I should have planned this better.


The warm days and cool nights without rain.

Days spent with DH.

My friends terrible infection in her face has been healed.

Time for reading Blogs.

Not finding a present on the floor from Roscoe this morning.


Melzie said...

way to multitask! I am grateful for EVERYDAY not finding "stuff" in the floor from my dog LOL I've learned to look before I leap oout of bed! xoxo melzie

Joanne said...

Hey -- welcome to the 1 hour insanity! I think we should try to fit in one hour of doing nothing every day too!

quiltpixie said...

planning as you go works fine. I'm sure it'll all come together.... just remeber to breathe....

Ann said...

I use the snippets leftover from hst's for other projects, too. I have a drawer full of them that I will do something with SOME Day....hehe.

Patti said...

Oh - can hardly wait to see pictures! I love looking at miniatures almost as much as I love making them! So glad your friend is better.