Monday, November 06, 2006

Leaf Seasons

Leaf Seasons is a top. Yet another UFO in the making waiting to be quilted. Once again, thank you Judy. Sure would like to participate in November's Hour a Day, but have to pass on this one.

It's November and the wettest month here in WA. Once again we are sitting under flood watch and hoping the rivers across the western part of the state will keep to their banks. It's a yearly thing, filling sand bags and shoring up along the rivers. So many roads are closed here due to water on them be it from leaves clogging the drains or just plain too much rain for the ground to absorb.

The Seahawks are getting ready to start their game so must go find some handiwork and settle in.


A safe trip back to Portland last night for DH in this pouring down rain.

A surprize call from my friend of 30 years who had moved since I last visited.

Finally getting Lady's insulin regulated.

Being warm, dry and still having power during this rain/wind storm we're having


Pam said...

I am in Southern Oregon, we are getting rain and wind tonight, but nothing like Washington is getting. We have tried calling our son and his family (in Sedro Wooley) but no one is answering...rain and storm is here!

Patti said...

Your quilt looks great. We, too, are getting gobs and gobs of rain. All of western Washington is under a state of emergency. Since we get Portland stations we got to see pictures of the Oregon coast. Really bad in Seaside. Tillamook is under water already - they seem to flood sooner than everyone else. Flood waters are rising in Woodland. I imagine Chehalis-Centralia is already flooding - seems like that area floods so easily. At this rate we'll get the entire average rainfall for November in the next couple days.

computerpeach said...

My husband just left to go fill sandbags in Burlington/Mt. Vernon - it is unreal how much rain we have gotten. I am sick of the rain and after looking at the 10-day forecast, it doesn't look like we are going to have any reprieve from it any time soon.

Hedgehog said...

Congrats - the quilt looks great! Keep dry!

Sarah said...

We lived in Seattle from November 1997 to August 1999. Winter 1998 we had a ton of snow and we lived at the top of a LARGE hill in the Magnolia section of town. One night my little Honda accord couldn't make it to the top of the hill. I tried to zig-zag up side streets, still couldn't make it and got myself lost in the process! Took almost an hour for me to find my way home - walking!

Joanne said...

WTG, Seahawks!
Is that the friend you lost track of? How wonderful that she called.
Bummer on the rain -- we got into the 60's today!