Friday, October 27, 2006

In an Hour a Day

An hour here, a hour there I will complete this one. I get to spend my whole weekend in the sewing room so should accomplish my goal of actually finishing this October project in October. I may not get it sandwiched and quilted but another top will join the many I have. I'm going to make it just big enough for the studio bed in the music room. It needs something bright and cheerful. Searching through my stash and not finding enough of the same fabric for the setting squares I'm going with what's there is in yellows and browns. My stash is getting pretty darned whittled down and bins are getting empty. The leafs will have to be yet more autumn colors, yellow backgrounds with whatever happens to be in the bins. I like this pattern, it's quick and easy and autumn is my most favorite time of the year.

Speaking of autumn, the trees have turned the most gorgeous colors in the past few days. We've had a bit of a cold snap not that that makes any difference to the changing of the colors. A nice day for a drive along the lake enjoying the colors on the mountains across the water. It seems in the past few years less pines and more leaf trees have sprouted up making the hills a riot of color.

Having a cold, not having much energy has given me time to sit and hand quilt. It's been a comfort to just sit and quilt plus keep me warm while being under the weather. I so enjoy hand quilting but wish I could quilt faster and accomplish more.

A note to Bonnie.. your quiltville site has joined yet another list I am on. The guys and gals there sew on treadle and handcrank machines. While many have electrics they use people power for their daily stitching. They machine quilt, do monograms, applique and all the things we do with our fancy electrics. There's something about peddleing away, the rumble of a treadle that is comforting and reminds us of gramma. Someone has referred them to your site for free patterns. The comment was made how nice it was to have an easy download with directions that you could understand. That makes 3 lists I'm on where your site has been posted. Your free patterns are greatly appreciated by all of us.


Birthday wishes from my Maverick friends
Feeling better
A nice visit with my sister this morning
The drive along the lake enjoying the autumn leaf colors
Having a weekend alone to spend sewing
A day shopping with my friend Rexene


quiltpixie said...

The colours you've been choosing for your leaves are great! I'm sure the whole things will look wonderfully cheery on your studio bed :-)

Rae said...

your leaf quilt is going to be fantastic. The colors are wonderful.
By the way, I do beleave that cold nights do help the colors in the trees. In years when our area hasn't had a cold snap until latter, the leaves just look burnt and drop. If we have a cold snap the leaves are much brighter and varied. An example is this year. take a look at my last post to see what I mean.

Joanne said...

It looks great! I'm at the border stage on mine and I abhor putting borders on, so I'm stalled -- gonna have to force myself to get at least one on before the Bears game tomorrow and maybe one on after the game! vbg
Enjoy the sewing weekend!

YankeeQuilter said...

I always have to take a deep breath and a cup of tea before tackling borders. Good luck...the colors are great!

Karen said...

Wowwwww, your Leaf Quilt is gorgeous, just love the yellow background and the brown "other block"s. I just love it!

Karen said...

Your leaf quilt and its colors are just perfect, autumn itself...