Friday, September 15, 2006

Thank You

for all the good wishes for Roscoe. I'm happy to report he's home from the hospital, not needing surgery but on a stool softner and has pooooo'd. Whew, glad that's occured. He's almost back to normal, just have to watch him and make sure that he continues to get rid of that full colon. Ever tried giving 17#'s of squirming, clawing cat liquid medicine? I've got battle scars but I'm wining.

You're all probably getting awfully tired of this compass showing up like every bad penny you wished you never had to see again. vbg Opinions are needed here. I kinda know what I'm doing, not that I do very often but.....does this need a stopper border between the geese and rising compass's and which the mix and match points or the all the same points????? Am I getting to busy here???? In order to keep this from growing and growing, I need to square off from this point. Laid out on my queen bed the corners reach from side to side, top to bottom and GD has a regular dble bed.

Minuture's, teeny scraps and 1.25" HST's are frustration of the highest level. My Hr a Day project got scooped right off the table into a baggie. Life is to short to save teeny scraps, spend the better part of a day and having three 2" blocks accomplished. Realization set in, I don't like working with something that small. I want to be able to see what I'm working on without a magnifying glass or having it right in front of my face. I tried I gone try it again? I don't think so, not in this lifetime anyway. Anybody want them, I'll gladly mail them off to you, most are trimmed, some need it.

Fall has arrived in my corner of the PNW. The trees are turning color, the leaves falling. Time to put the garden to bed, bring in the BBQ and swing cushions. Soon the rains will start bringing dark, gloomy days perfect for curling up in front of a fire with a good book. I hate to see summer come to an end. I love the warm sunny days and dread the cold, gloomy winters.


Having time to sew everyday.
Having time to read all the Maverick blogs.
John coming home tonight for the weekend.
Good friends on the net


Patti said...

Donna, it's going to be a fantastic beauty of a quilt. But yes - I think it does need a stopper border outside the geese. I'd go with a narrow 1/2" to 3/4" border in a dark, dark color. Just a place for the eye to rest a moment before continuing to move around the quilt.

quiltpixie said...

like Patti, I'd say it's looking great, I hear you don't want it too huge, but yes, it needs a very thin stopper border (maybe the same as the blue background from the centre...

And if you're honesty getting rid of minatures I'd take them :-) I'm working on a collection of 1" finished squares made as half square trianlges. I don't know what I'm making yet, but am collecting them when I get the urge to sew and don't know on what :-)

Hedgehog said...

I don't believe that it's possible for a quilt to be too busy!

Carol said...

I like it as is, but it would be fine to have a stopper, too. I kind of go by gut instinct on these questions. If you feel you need to ask, does it need a stopper, maybe you're feeling that it does and you should trust your gut.