Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I got to spend the day with my friend running around to all the LQS in our area. We managed to hit 4 of the 5 that are within 30 miles of home. What fun we had even tho' I was frantically searching for just a wee bit of green I needed to finish off my flying geese. Sucess, while not quite the same the geese are small enough the difference won't be noticeable.

We visited a new shop to us which has been here for about 3 years or so and what a shop "Tangled Threads" in Lynden, WA is. WOW was all I could say as I stood and gawked. This is no ordinary shop with one big room and a table off in a corner for classes. Fabric here is loved. A room full of flannels, a different one for holidays, another for Batiks. You get the picture here. A separate room with a huge table for classes, a staff lounge with big comphy wing chairs to relax in. Antique sewing machines in every room. Clean, tidy and shelves filled with scrumptious fabrics. You can see a lot of thought was gone into the planning. It's not just a shop, it's a quilters heaven.

Last stop for the day, we found the perfect Batik to finish off the rest of the compass. A good days hunting for us.

Yesterday everything went wrong. More time was spent ripping out than I've done in a very long time. PPing gets me all confused. If I put it down for a day, I can't remember how I did it the last time, seniour moments to often lately. Then knicked my finger, another knick to my thumb, more ripping, ran out of fabric, dug through the trash can hoping for scraps big enough and finally called it a night. Somedays nothing goes right and the best thing is to put it down and start over the next day.


Chinese at our favorite place
The very helpful ladies at the LQS
A call from John tonight
Talking to my cousin on IM
Sunshine after a rainey morning


quiltpixie said...

I hate those "nothing going right" days. Proabably just as well to call it a day before you amputated1 And then taking a day to quilt hop sounds like you've turned it around into a good week. I'm sure the sewing will go better now :-)

computerpeach said...

The ladies at that shop are very helpful. I saw a sample for the "Whidbey Stroller" bag and they were out during shop hop . I called later to order and they were very helpful and got it out very quickly.

Norma said...

I live in Canada and hae also visited Tangled Threads a couple of times. I agree with you--a very lovely quilt shop!

Laura said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! I am so glad to read that Roscoe is doing better!

Karen said...

Oh, paper piecing makes me feel so dumb. I do so many pieces wrong but am used to riiiiipping it out and doing it the second time.