Sunday, January 29, 2006

Table Topper

Finally finished and ready for the table just in time for February.

I've mentioned our diabetic furball Lady. The other night when time for her evening shot of insulin came around we hunted high and low for her, under the beds, in the closets and all the other places she likes to curl up for a snooze. Just about the time we gave up deciding she would come out eventually, I turned around and there she was sitting as if to say "silly people, here I am". VBG answer to your question. No, before becoming a merchant mariner, John retired from the Navy, and spent a few years working in a small local shipyard here in town. With the exception of the few years of 9-5's, we've spent a good portion of 27 years with this lifestyle. It works and does give me a lot of time for quilting when he is gone.

This afternoon, I got out the wedding quilt star pieces I had set aside when hubby came home, trimmed them down and they are waiting on the sewing machine to be put together. I hope I can get to them tomorrow. I need a sewing fix.


cher said...

cute table topper! glad to hear you are going to be getting in some sewing time..

Laura said...

Lady looks like a beauty, so sorry to hear that she has health problems. That table topper is really cute!

Joanne said...

Your table topper came out great -- better get cutting on that wedding quilt though!

Bonnie said...

cute cute valentine topper!


Darcie said...

Great little Valentine topper, Dona! Some of you just never slow down, do you!

And Lady...what a smart kitty. I'd snuggle down into a quilt to if people with needles were calling my name.

The Calico Cat said...

Lovely Lady & those blue & green stars are coming along nicely. I like that some are low contrast.