Saturday, January 21, 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy

DH arrived home bag and baggage for his two months off the ship leaving me with lots to do and little time for stitching. Time to get re-acquainted again and catch up on the honey doo's before it's time for him to pack up his bags and be gone for another four months. Phew, this here today, gone tomorrow gets mighty tiresome.

I started a quickie table topper for Valentines day, a project on another list. Nothing spectacular, just quick and fast. I'm almost done with the little bit of handquilting I will do, ready to trim and add the binding. It's nice to have a quick, mindless project to do, one I can drop beside my chair when I hear DH calling me and not worry that I won't remember what I had in mind when I can get back to it.

The rain has finally stopped for us here in our corner of Washington. The sun has come out and it almost feels like spring is trying to sneak in. Down the road in Olympia they have set a record of 34 continous days of falling rain, last set in 1953 or 54. Am happy to see the sun shining here, was beginning to think I needed to check for webs or moss growing between my toes.


cher said...

your table topper sounds good-I hear you on the rain, down here in Oregon it's been more rain than not. enjoy the dh being home!

cindyquilts said...

I was born and raised in the NoWest so expect it to rain and sometimes flood. BUT ... what an unreal winter here in the Portland area.

Enjoy your darling hubby ... quilting will always wait for you.

Best wishes,

Brit said...

I wish the rain had stopped in this party of Washington! Usually I love it and curl up with a quilt to finish and movie...with my hands swollen though its' been a bummer

Bonnie said...

That has to be hard...the here again, gone again saga! I am sure that also gives you lots of time for your quilting in between times when he is not home :c)

Enjoy your time with him!


JudyL said...

Glad it's stopped raining for a while but did you have to send it my way? :)

Judy L.

Darcie said...

Hope you're enjoying your time with your dear husband, Dona. Has he been a Merchant Seaman all of your married life?

Glad that your rains have subsided. (I hate to say it, but we could really use some moisture.)