Sunday, August 28, 2011

Living in the Garage

For the past week we've been living in the garage. The washer decided it should develop a leak and leak it did right into the living room under the pergo flooring, into the front closet and into the laundry room. Called the insurance company and before we could blink an eye we've had 5 industrial fans, 2 huge humidifiers in the house plus a fan under the house in the crawl space. Has sounded for almost like a week of having a 747 parked in here. Needless to say we have motivated out to the garage where we still are. Slowly the fans are leaving one by one. Today we have 3 fans and one humidifier with the promise of the floor being dried tomorrow and the fans etc. can be on their way to the next disaster. Tomorrow the flooring people are to come out and survey the damage and decide whether the whole floor needs to come up and be replaced.. My thoughts on this is if they can't match the flooring they can darn well replace all the flooring in the living/dining room and hallway. I will not have a shade difference. I pay every year to cover this kind of disaster they will take care of it properly.

It's been one long week with my cats living in the bedroom afraid of all the noise to come out until today when they have ventured out to the kitchen for treats. Poor little fur balls. they are so stressed out, haven't been eating properly and hiding under the bed.

Today I finally could stand the noise which has decreased with the fans leaving that I got in my sewing room and worked on the wedding quilt I am making for one of Johns friends. I didn't like what I was working with so off to the LQS and some Kansas Troubles fabric followed me home. I like this version of the Triple Irish Chain much better and can actually stand to work on it. I'm one of those who needs to like what they are doing and if it's not to my liking is really hard to keep focused. Other than this I haven't done a bit of sewing in ever so long.

Our raffle quilt received a red ribbon at our local fair this year. I am looking forward to seeing what kind of comments are on the judges tag. One of my sisters received a blue ribbon for her 12 Days of Xmas wall hanging all of us sisters did. I didn't bother to enter mine as I got too lazy to haul it up to the fairgrounds to enter it. I can still enter it next year if I choose to as we have a 2 year window to do so.

Must get going off to watch one of my TV programs.

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