Sunday, June 20, 2010

I spent today picking out all the quilting I had done on the latest Downy Quilt. I didn't like it and the backing bubbled way too much. I wanted to quilt a stencil and learned the hard way you need to do your quilting across the rows as you go and not do all the stencils first and then go back. The Downy quilts need to have extensive quilting due to being washed daily so I'm doing a tight meander on them. I enjoy doing these little donation quilts knowing they will comfort some child here.

Weather here has been really nasty all this month. My local farmer says we are going to have a difficult time finding both beans and cucumbers this year. I wonder why my two most favorite veggies are not going to be doing well this year. Strawberries have been late this year too.

I picked up the bug quilt for my GGdtr again and have been working on it. Her 3rd birthday is in September so really need to finish it before she's way too old to enjoy it. I'm pretty close to getting all the hand quilting done thank goodness. I need to finish it before my Son is here mid July so he can hand carry it back when he returns to CA.

I don't have much to write about but am trying to post something frequently to keep my blog updated. John is due home for his 2 month vacation in a couple weeks. I've got lots of house-mousing to do to get ready for vacation time when I never get a thing done other than cooking and laundry. It's easy to keep house when I am here by myself, only needing a swish and swipe here and there. I close my eyes to the dust that accumulates on all the flat surfaces, under and behind the furniture scrambling to get all the cleaning done in the last week before John arrives home. My time alone is for doing all the fun things I like that he doesn't. VBG


My youngest son who has been estranged for years and now calls me every couple of weeks.
Good Health and Family

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Terri S. said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog tonight, you remind me so much of my mother. Snug as a bug and content. Thanks.