Monday, September 28, 2009

Summers Gone and Winters Coming

Gosh, where did summer get off to so quickly. One day it was June and the next here it is almost October and winter.

It's been quite a summer for me. We lost our brother in May quite unexpectedly. He went for a colonoscopy and had a heart attack. A week later we were attending his funeral. The very day they were taking my brother off life support my former friend arrived at my door early in the morning telling me she couldn't wake her significant other up, that he was cold. Before long I had the EMT's, sheriff, coronor, security staff and her family all in my house while the necessary arrangements were made to remove him. I finally left as we sisters had to get to the hospital telling them to lock the door when they left. Not long after that my garbage man fell off his truck landing in my driveway suffering some serious injuries. It was quite a week and gave me pause to re-evaluate how precious life is and how we should live it as if it were our last day here on earth.

Life went on and we had our 4th of July celebration, our family picnic , John returned to the ship and we ended the summer celebrating our youngest sisters birthday.

My sisters and I have been working on our raffle quilt for next year. We spend a couple Saturdays, potluck in hand in one of my sister's shop sewing away. We got carried away and purchased fabric without thinking. When we came to our senses we realized the colors we chose were way to kiddy and girlish for this bunch of farm raised family. Traditional patterns like Log Cabin and Irish Chain with fabric colors more resembling what we grew up with will do much better than a modern quilt pattern with bright colors. Off to the LQS we went for more fabric which we all like better than what we had picked out. Our pattern is a Dbl Irish Chain with the Ohio Star block as the center of the chains. It's turning out quite well and we've yet to froggy stitch blocks as we did last year due to paying better attention to seam allowances.

I started this update several days ago and re-reading it how depressing all this stuff is. Life has a way of rearing it's ugly head and kicking us square in the patootie. If we let us get ourselves down we haven't the time to stop and smell the roses. I think I am going to stop and smell the roses and try to dwell on more pleasant things other than death and dying in the future.

I've been working on my 12 Days of Christmas wall hanging and I'm almost to the point where I can do some trapunto stuffing. I'm quite pleased with how its turning out and although its been a trial and error with fabrics for the different blocks I'm down to the very last one.

I've just a bit of embelishments to do and stitch down and I will have 10 of the 12 blocks finished. This has been a really big project for me as my eyes just aren't what they used to be and needle turn is getting to be more than I can do. Don't you just jate getting old? I'm sorry I've duplicated one of the photo's and haven't a clue how to remove it.

I've been seriously waisting my time and thought y'all might get a bit of a giggle. We all need a little laughter in our lives. I signed up for facebook and before I kew it I was playing at building a farm, tending my crops and helping my neighbors. As if this wasn't enough of a time waister, I am hooked on the bejeweld blitz and spend hours trying to get ahead of my sisters and SIL. While my little game of farming doesn't take much time that silly game has me hooked and I spend hours trying for a better score, something enough to surpass the top player. I keep telling myself just one more game and then realize this must be what a gambler says as he/she puts that nickel, dime or quarter in the slot machine.
I'll leave you with a gorgeous sunset on the beach at my sister's house taken while they were out in the kayaks.
Family who are always there when you need them.
Children and grandkids that are all in good health.
Sisters to spend a Saturday with sewing.
The gorgeous autum weather with no rain in sight.
A day for ME to spend as I like.
A toddy for the body when the day is done.
And most of all the friends I've met in the net.

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