Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Tonya's Letters

Ever since Tonya posted her freehand letters I've been wanting to give it a whirl. I've been itching to stitch but not on anything that would take a lot of time nor end up being another UFO added to the already big stack. AHA, Tonya's letters would fill the bill.

Over on the FLQ list one of the gals has just moved into a brandy new home and house blocks are being sent to her. Not wanting or being able to find a house block that I liked and thoughts of Tonya's letters dancing around in my head, I decided to do letters for her with the idea she could add them to her blocks or borders. If they shouldn't be to her liking and she doesn't use them, it won't hurt my feelings and I will have ventured into the world of letters.
With my trusty side kick watching my every move, I grabbed up the fabric and went to town on them, changing my mind in midstream. Having a general idea of the instructions in my head I proceeded to get busy thinking I would do "Home Sweet Home". After 2 hours spent on "M" and not getting the result I was after, I threw in the towel and off on another batch of letters I went, changing what I had to fit what I wanted. "Friends are the Greatest" became my new mantra.
I escaped off to town again today. I get cabin fever really bad when DH comes home for vacation. I'm the type who loves to visit and have friends over, he's the type that loves to come home and never venture anywhere. His vacation to him is sitting in the garage making music. Being home is all he wants to do. So today I called my GF, loaded up all the aluminum cans into the truck and off we went. Joann's was calling, I had a % off coupon to spend and needed more quilting thread, some needle pullers (those little round rubber dohickeys) and needle threaders (the old eyes ain't what they used to be). Picked up what I needed and not one little piece of fabric followed me home.
DH for understanding I need to get out of the house
For my GF who is always ready to drop what she's doing and escape with me
A sunny day in town
Burgers n Fries picked up on the way home for a late lunch
The new bird visiting the feeders I'd never seen before


Sandra said...

Great letters! Glad you stuck with it - they are really fun to do. My DH and I are both stay-at-homes although I do like an occasional jaunt with "the girls" from time to time :-)

ForestJane said...

Ohhhhh, your cat has THUMBS! How cool is that? I have two siamese, and while they have that 5th claw where a thumb would be, it doesn't look as 'thumby' as yours... lol

Joanne said...

That's a great idea for Diana's house quilt -- myself, I can't find a house block I like either --especially one that is 9" -- I've redesigned 3 in EQ6 and still don't like them! Might get one done by the time she's ready to put the quilt together.

Carol E. said...

Great letters, and beautiful cat with HANDS for paws. Wow!

kittymcwhiskers said...

Hi there,
I love your quilts,and your cat.I have recently started to learn quilting from sites on the internet,not ideal i know but i have no-one who knows anything to show me.I'm not doing to badly,I'm starting with some fat quarter stars,they're a little shaky at the moment but i hoping to master this art i won't let it beat me.I really want to make a quilt my family will cherish and hopefully start a family tradition.I am from england and this country isn't to hot with traditions like this so its an uphill struggle.once again i love your fantastic work.

Lois R. said...

I love your letters -- great job! And your kitty is so pretty!

Laura said...

sweet kitty! And the letters look great also, they are so much fun to do!

YankeeQuilter said...

Congrats on the letters - they look great. What a serious cat...and such big paws! Adorable.

Tonya R said...

gorgeous kitty. the "friends" block looks great and I LOVE how you made the d. Great job.