Monday, June 26, 2006

Wedding and the Quilt

The bride was beautiful, the groom nervous, the attendants wore flip flops. This was without a doubt the strangest wedding I've ever attended. Maybe the younger generation or the fact the wedding was held in a park beside the Sacramento River had something to do with it.

DH and I arrived a good hour before the ceremony to find my son, the father of the groom holding down the fort watching over the area. We chatted while wedding guests arrived in very cool casual apparel, not what I would have expected for a wedding. Shorts, jeans, flip flops you name it. I dressed as my generation would. By the time it hit a good 95 degrees, I finally trotted over to the car, stripped off my nylons and got comfortable. Nobody introduced either my DH or me to any of the brides family or other guests. I felt like a tourist at my grandsons wedding. The only people I knew were my EX, his wife, his father, his sister and his neice.

After the ceremony the photographer had the whole wedding party/family sans me or my DH running all over the park taking pictures for the better part of 2 hours, leaving me trying to catch a few for myself. We finally left and headed back to the motel and pool.

My eldest son Jerry and his family.

My 3 Grandsons and Me. Kody is 6'7" and his mom cut the top of his head off the picture. Fine boys.

Mike, father of the groom and my GGD Reese one of three flower girls. And yes that is a Mohawk haircut per the Brides request.

The quilt is almost finished, just 3 sides to stitch down the binding. The LAer called the day I got back from the wedding to tell me it was finished.

Close up of quilting pattern. I had it quilted in a varagated blue thread.

My GD will be here mid July for our family picnic and will take it back to her brother and SIL.

It's been a week since I got back home and I still feel insulted. Would you believe my DIL called "thank you for coming to my son's wedding, I appreciated it" as if I were just another guest on the list and not his grandmother. Yes it was the bride and groom's day but there's no excuse for lack of courtesy on the part of my Son and DIL and I let them know how my feelings were hurt.


Shelina said...

Oh that is a gorgeous quilt. I just love the colors and the pattern. The pattern is on my to do list, and it just might turn out in your colors if I ever get around to actually finishing something.

The Calico Cat said...

The quilt turned out GREAT! Based on the mohawk, the flip flops now sound "right." (I just got married in Feb. and we were far more traditional... & probably older...)

Sorry that the courtesy was lacking... (That is generational! I am convinced.)

Rae said...

The quilt is forgeous. It carries you away.

As to the wedding -- 2 years ago my niece (partialy raised by DH & Myself, therefore almost a DD) got married in Portland. She called when the had decided to get married & asked DH to walk her to the alter & for me to be her attendent in the Bridal room. We were only introduced to the grooms family. Otherwise any body I met came to me and introduced themselves or I went & introduced myself. Of course my Grand neice(then 1 1/2 yrs) was an ice breaker.

I think the bride & groom are too wraped up in the day to be responsable about intros but in your case the brides parents & the grooms parents should have done some intros. Courtesy was lacking but your being hurt only hurts you more.

Screen Door said...

What a breathtaking quilt!! Manners are something that don't cost anything. I think it will be one of those things that they look back on in time and say.."I wish I had done this... I wish I had spent more time with my grandfolks" I agree with others, they were caught up in the day...

ForestJane said...

Beautiful quilting on your quilt!

I agree that manners seem to have gone the way of the dinosaur sometimes. I was shocked at the number of women that appeared at an early afternoon wedding (my nephew) in black dresses, in late July. To me, it looked almost more like a funeral than a wedding.

Judy said...

Very nice quilt. Simply beautiful!

I guess they don't do things like we used to. I'm only 44 and been married 24 years this month, but all my wedding pictures have my parents and grandparents in all the pictures.