Friday, November 18, 2005

I'm new ......

and what a neat way to keep a journal of your daily comings and goings, meeting new friends with interests that mesh with your own. I'm a quilter who enjoys the traditional rather than the artsy hang on the wall style although they also have their place in the quilting world.

I started this quilt for my Great Gdtr some 5 years ago and finally finished it a couple months ago. I didn't do as much quilting as I had planned, I just got tired of it hanging around and wanted her to have it before she graduated from HS. I guess you could call it an artsy quilt cause it sure ain't traditional by any stretch of the imagination.

This top has been hanging around far too many years and now I am getting it done. It's a kit quilt from way back when and I am keeping to the era by handquilting this one. I'm not very fond of blue and wonder if I will ever put it on my bed. I found it in mother-in-law's attic along with a pile of finished quilts that had seen much use and love. Why is it we don't seem to save that history behind the quilts? As I sit handquilting I wonder who did did this, was it my MIL or her mother. Why wasn't it finished?

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